The SOS Dan Buoy Personal Flotation Device

SOS Dan Buoy 4 Stages Of Deployment

SOS Dan Buoy 4 Stages Of Deployment

Fastcraft Marine Services are pleased to announce the latest thinking with compact safety products for RIBs, yachts and other sea going vessels – The SOS Dan Buoy Personal Flotation Device.

An award-winning Man Overboard solution, which can be deployed in a fraction of the time of existing solutions. Ideal for short-handed crews, for example Pilot Cutters where there is just a helmsman and one crew.

It can be instantly deployed (can be thrown to the casualty immediately) and there is no need to go to where a MOB unit is mounted and activate the release mechanism. This will save 5+ seconds when a vessel is travelling at 6+ knots which, in a moderate swell could prove critical to the ultimate survival of the casualty.

SOS Dan Buoy Man Launch

SOS Dan Buoy Man Launch

Fastcraft would like to introduce you to some of the SOS Dan Buoy benefits:

  • Small only 280mm x 220 mm valise when packed – easily stowed.
  •  Automatically inflates upon immersion in water and sits 2.5 metres above water level.
  •  Sea Anchor/Drogue reduces downwind drift.
  • SOLAS reflective tape to improve visibility. Ensures faster detection, with easily spotted fluorescent yellow material with flying pennant to assist visibility. The reflective yellow coloured material has the highest visibility rating under the UV searchlights used for detection in fog and inclement conditions.
  • Grab Handles to assist supporting person overboard.
  • Pea-less whistle attached.
  •  Can be used as a marker by unclipping the sea anchor attached and replacing it with a conventional anchor and chain.

So why not contact us today for your SOS Dan Buoy Personal Flotation Device.  Fast Craft Marine Services for delivery within the Channel Islands.

Priced at £196 ex VAT, plus delivery. Please request a quotation for delivery to your destination address within the Channel Islands from Guernsey.

SOS Dan Buoy Package

SOS Dan Buoy Package

Garmin Marine Installer Appointed For Guernsey In The Channel Islands.


Garmin images

Fast Craft Marine are now a recognised approved Garmin Marine electronics installer for Guernsey in the Channel Islands.  With Garmin sales support from Boatworks+ Ltd (A Garmin authorised dealer) we are here to provide advice on which Garmin products could suite your vessel together with expertise on a Garmin installation. Don’t forget you get the extended warranty by using the Garmin approved installer. (Terms and Conditions apply)



Safety Kit to carry for your RIB & Boat

Hi there ! hopefully you are all out there making the most of this awesome summer that we finally deserve!!  As you’re enjoying time afloat, possibly unexpected from the previous seasons of dire boating its worth a mention of having the correct safety kit on-board.Fastcraft Guernsey Nav Marks

There’s no need to go over the top, and it’s each to his / her own with what they feel should be on board.. BUT here are the basics which you are expected to carry and some additional nice to haves too.

  • VHF / DSC radio either handheld or fixed – remember to get it registered and understand how to use it . see our VHF SRC page links for how to do it.
  • First Aid kit – keep it easy to use and relevant. “You can’t do surgery on a 7m rib at 30Kts”
  • Spare Kill Cord – if you lose the existing one you’re not getting home easily. AND an MOB situation means you will need a spare to get to recover your MOB
  • Flares – Minimum “Coastal Pack”  you need 2 red rockets to be seen from coastal positions.
  • Life Jackets – one for each member on the boat. WITH crotch or thigh straps. Have they been serviced?
  • Life Raft – not compulsory but if your boat has space and your budget too then consider it. A good inflatable tender is a substitute.
  • Spare clothes / coats – Water and wind proof.
  • Small rations of food for use when it all goes wrong and you await assistance. ( Mars, Snickers, Peanuts, bottle water – choose what works for you)
  • Mooring lines and tow ropes, have good sensible lengths of line, 10mm or 12mm diameter ideal for most small boats.  Have  2 – 3 at 10m +  and 3 at 5m length.
  • Charts of your area and basic Nav’ kit, Pilotage notes, Pencil, notepad, – get the knowledge of how to plot and read a chart position.

Grab Bags – Fast Craft can make up and supply safety kit bags to your requirements. Provided in an industry leading dry bag, it can act as a ditch / grab bag or just your peace of mind storage for safety kit.

The Complete RIB manual – Dag Pike

This is an excellent read! if your into your ribs or looking to buy one, want to know more on their history and evolution then this is a must. A great book really well presented and by an extremely experienced and acclaimed author. Its my new bible of boating!  Check out our link to Book Harbour and order it up today.

The Complete RIB Manual: The Definitive Guide to Design, Handling and Maintenance

Life Jackets And The Importance Of Wearing Them …

A life jacket is an essential piece of equipment when you or your loved ones are afloat.  It is a wise decision to ensure that everyone on board wears a floatation device.

Quite often it is the shock of the cold when a person falls over board that can complicate matters, since the natural reaction is to inhale !!

Note the effect of hypothermia,even in warm climes.

FastCraft Sea School – The 1st Choice for Guernsey Boat owners, RYA Training, Guardiennnage, RIB maintenance and Repairs, Escorted Boat Trips and Navigation.

Courtesy of the US Coastguard service.